Emelie Hultberg

We love food, interior and lifestyle


The experience Emelie has gained throughout the years from working with a wide range of clients within different gengres (both film and stills) has given her a unique and deep knowledge for the profession.

Distinctive for Emelie as a stylist, is her fine sense of materials, composition and mood. She has great knowledge of where to find that little "extra" in terms of props , and if something needs to be constructed she is open for that as well, craftswomen as she is! With a bachelor of arts from the College of Arts (Konstfack) and her own pottery studio, creativity and curiosity to find solutions is always close at hand. She further enjoys both the natural artless images, where things and food is in its natural environment, but also those with more graphic clarity with focus on the product.

Emelie herself attaches great importance to be open to different wills, have a positive attitude and always come well prepared. Having following her through several completely different productions, we can confirm that she really lives up to it, and the collection of happy customers grows steadily for each production.